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Stay Slim This Spring

Stay Slim This Spring

Spring is finally here in full effect and you may be feeling added pressure to fit into your shorts or swimsuits. After a long and (very) cold winter, we all want to enjoy BBQs and patio play with friends and family. For many, it’s easy to indulge in food and drink.

Believe it or not, it ispossible to stay slim over the sunny seasons. With a little bit of mindfulness you can truly have your cake and eat it too! These 3 tips will make it easy for you to look and feel your best this Spring.

1. Staying active is key. One of the best things about the good weather is that you don’t need a gym membership to stay active. You can enjoy a long walk anywhere in the city or go for a jog in your neighborhood. Hop on a bike and go for a ride or get involved in a summer sport like soccer or baseball. You may even consider downloading a free smartphone app (Seven is my favorite) or joining a boot camp! The point is, that staying active allows you to enjoy those extra indulgences. If you’re trying to lose weight this summer than you will want to participate in some form of high-intensity physical activity at least 3-4x/week for at least 30 minutes each time.

2. Indulge in fruits, vegetables and proteins! It’s the perfect time to enjoy seasonal fruits and veggies. Grilled proteins and vegetables are easy to make on the BBQ and taste absolutely incredible. Skip the heavy breads and pastas and stick with salad, steak and seasoned vegetables. I consider most vegetables to be zero calories so you can eat as much of them as you want! If you’re not on Pinterest already, it’s time for you to join! Feel free to follow me and get TONS of easy-to-make, weight loss friendly meal ideas! You will also find awesome exercises, health information and inspirational quotes – we can all use some extra motivation once in a while!

3. Limit your alcohol intake. Spring is the perfect time for sangria, beer and wine. It’s easy to have an extra glass when you’re socializing in the sun. Alcohol is filled with calories and lacks any nutritional value. The bottom line is that alcohol makes you pack on the pounds. Feel free to indulge once or twice a week but make sure to limit your intake to one or two glasses.

The truth is, that if you follow all 3 tips, you won’t only stay slim this spring, but you’ll likely lose a few pounds in the process! If you need additional advice, I am always available for a free consultation!

Happy Spring!

Dr. Shelly Reitkop, N.D.