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Naturopathic Weight Loss*

Naturopathic Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss and optimal health are more than just a result of what you eat and how much you exercise.  Weight gain, fluctuations and difficulty losing weight may also be the result of genetics, hormone imbalances, chronic pain with mobility restrictions, illness or chronic disease, sluggish digestive functioning, food sensitivities and chronic inflammation.  There are many weight loss programs that exist but few that consider a holistic approach.  At Toronto Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic, we take pride in being the only multidisciplinary center that creates customized weight loss and weight management plans with you, your lifestyle and your goals in mind.

Naturopathic Weight Loss focuses on addressing any underlying concerns that may be affecting your ability to lose and maintain your new weight.  It combines different treatment modalities such as nutrition, nutritional supplementation, botanical medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy and lifestyle counselling.   Naturopathic visits are covered by extended health insurance.

Dr. Shelly’s naturopathic and whole-food approach to weight loss considers all possible obstacles to healthy weight management.  She strategically works with the body to facilitate fat loss by tackling all other underlying health issues while addressing any additional wellness goals.  Every patient receives a 2-hour initial consultation that includes a verbal assessment, physical exam and treatment plan.  Laboratory testing completed by your family doctor will be requested and analyzed in order to provide the most effective therapeutic recommendations.  Weekly Weight Wellness Check-ins help you stay accountable while addressing any obstacles or concerns you may be facing. Dr. Shelly will come up with strategies for success that you can use throughout your weight loss journey and for the rest of your life!

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Disclaimer: *Individual weight loss may vary. Call for details. Compliance with our program is required.