Igor Klibanov. Personal Trainer

Igor Klibanov is the CEO of one of the GTA’s premier personal training and online coaching companies, Fitness Solutions Plus. He is the author of a number of books on exercise and nutrition, including STOP EXERCISING! The Way You Are Doing it NowThe Mental Health Prescription, and others.


Together with his team of elite, hand-picked fitness professionals, he collaborates with the Toronto Weight Loss Clinic to help busy professionals in the GTA lose weight, get toned, and improve their energy levels, using a holistic approach.


As a client of the Toronto Weight Loss Clinic, you’re entitled to get a $19.99 FREE PDF version of his book, STOP EXERCISING! The Way You Are Doing it Now. Just visit http://www.FitnessSolutionsPlus.ca/TorontoWeightLossClinic. Or to contact him in regards to his services, visit https://www.FitnessSolutionsPlus.ca. Mention that you’re from the Toronto Weight Loss Clinic, and get a couple of special bonuses.

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