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Best Ways To Lose Body Weight

Best Ways To Lose Body Weight

There are countless lists of supplements, therapies, and meal replacement timetables all over the internet claiming to have the answers to your weight loss questions. But not all are scientifically proven methods to work for everyone, the best ways to lose body weight should have scientific backup and explanations as to how they are going to do the work.

Some of these scientifically proven methods include: exercises, intermittent fasting, and being mindful of the calories in your diet (1).This article will explore some of the best methods that will help in reducing body weight. Keep reading!


  • Intermittent fasting: Intermittent fasting is the eating method that involves short breaks in between your meals. If you have been worried about how to lose weight with convenience, intermittent fasting is for you because it permits you to eat your meals, but in shorter times because of the breaks in between. Studies have revealed that overweight individuals who are bothered about how to lose weight that participated in a 24-week intermittent fasting journey were able to lose a reasonable amount of their body weight (1). The following are the methods available for intermittent fasting:


  • Alternate day fasting: here, you fast on some days, and on days you are not fasting, you eat normally on those days. The revised version of this method allows a person to consume thirty percent of the required body calories on the days they are fasting.


  • 16:8 method: In reducing body weight, this method allows you to eat whatever you want to eat for eight hours of the day while you fast for the remaining 16 hours of the day.


  • 5:2 Diet: This is one of the most convenient and best ways to lose body weight because it allows you to fast for two days a week, while you eat five days of the week, and on the days you are fasting, you take only 500 to 600 of your expected calories per day (1).


  • Exercise your body

Although exercise is not an inevitable requirement in your weight loss journey it is one of the best and most natural means to lose body weight. When you lift weights, you burn some calories, and it also helps to speed up your metabolism, which has been seen as a disadvantage in weight loss. Aside from weight lifting, simple cardio exercises like jogging, swimming, and running are also means of reducing body weight (2).


  • Fruits and vegetables

Nutritionists have recorded that fruits and vegetables contain more fiber with very low calories, and fat, which are important things to pay attention to on your weight loss journey. Fruits and vegetables also provide your body with vitamins and minerals (3). 


  • Reduce refined carbs

Tried intermittent fasting, and are still bothered about how to lose weight? You must be doing something wrong on your weight loss journey. Cut down on your sugars and starches, and carbohydrates except when they contain enough fiber. With that, you feel hungry lesser, and you will take only fewer calories, while your body is also burning up the stored fats (2).


  • Join a support group, and stay positive

One of the best ways to lose body weight is to remain motivated and positive in your weight loss journey. Some days you will feel like giving up, to have a successful weight loss journey requires your full motivation, and positivity, and having a support group of like-minded individuals will keep you moving daily (4).