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Vibration Therapy

Vibration TherapyWhole body vibration was created for astronauts to maximize muscle use and maintain muscle tone in space. TurboVibe is a vibration technology that uses whole body vibration to transfer energy to your body in order to stimulate involuntary reflex muscle contractions of 25-50 times per second. These reflex muscle contractions allow your body to have a high level of muscle activation, which increases your lean muscle mass, resulting in a higher basal metabolic rate – the number of calories you burn while you relax.

Scientific Research conducted all over the world confirms the benefits of TurboVibeand suggests that vibration therapy may work to increase tissue repair and regeneration, and to strengthen bone tissue. Scientific studies have also proven that 10 minutes of a vibration workout will give similar benefits to a 1-hour gym session!

At Toronto Weight Loss and Wellness clinic, our practitioners will use TurboVibe to enhance flexibility and increase muscle strength, similar to what you would see with conventional resistance/gym training, in only a fraction of the time. We can also use TurboVibe to reduce cellulite and improve your skin elasticity and tone by increasing collagen stores, and to enhance detoxification by improving your blood and lymphatic circulation.

Vibration TreatmentWith TurboVibe, you can expect similar strength gains to conventional resistance/gym training in a fraction of the time. Scientific studies have proven that 10 minutes of a vibration workout will give similar benefits to a 1-hour gym session!

TurboVibe is useful as an individual treatment or as part of a complete weight loss program.


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