Dr. Olivia Paul, N.D.

Dr. Olivia Paul, N.D.

Dr. Olivia Paul, is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, lifestyle coach, and writer with a profound passion for optimizing the health of her patients through education, empowerment and evidence-based medicine. She is a graduate of McMaster University and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and a member of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.While obtaining her degree in Life Sciences during her undergraduate studies, Dr. Olivia travelled to South America and participated in community development with a tribal village in the Amazon. She witnessed first-hand the powers of botanical medicine, the wisdom of a plant-based diet and the importance of a balanced lifestyle. These experiences sparked her love affair with Naturopathic Medicine, a practice that combines the wisdom of traditional healing with the support of scientific evidence.

Dr. Olivia has a special focus in the connections that exist between women’s health concerns, mental health and weight management including eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and hormonal dysregulation. Dr. Olivia believes that health and weight-loss are multidimensional and unique for each person and she takes great care in creating customized treatment plans that address the nutritional, physiological and mental/emotional needs of each patient based on comprehensive assessments and laboratory testing. She also works closely with autoimmune concerns, gut and digestive conditions and dermatological conditions. She utilizes a variety of modalities in her practice including nutrition and nutritional supplementation, botanical medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, lifestyle counselling and homeopathic medicine. Dr. Olivia is also a trained expert in body contouring and cellulite reduction treatments and offers this modality on its own or in conjunction with personalized weight loss plans.

Dr. Olivia’s greatest joy lies in educating her patients to understand the origins of their unique concerns and inspiring them in taking an active role in creating a commitment to health and lifelong well-being! She is proud to be a part of the Toronto Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic and looks forward to helping you achieve your goals!

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